28 January 2010

Ziqri - 8 Months

8 months - does he looks like me? :-P

Ziqri's milestone:

- dah pandai "bercakap"
- skrg ni suka bgn awal. 5.30 dah jaga ko! pastu terus membebel...Aduh...Takde can ibu nak bgn lmbt Ziqri...especially during weekend!
- skrg dah pandai hulur tgk kat org nak suh dukung
- dah reti angkat badan mcm nak merangkak tp tak reti lagi merangkak...
- dah pandai gelak kalo org agah ;-)
- dah pandai main jugak, hehehe...
- rambut bila lar nak byk?
- gigi still lg 2 batang...

Cepatnya masa berlalu...dah 8 bulan anak ibu. Tak lama lg 1 year!

25 January 2010


@ Mid Valley

Smlm pegi MV ;-). Hajatnya nak pi tgk exhibition tp exhibition yg kitorang nak pi tgk tu tak start lg. Makanya...kami pon masuk ler ke JJ. Fuhh...punya lar ramai org dok bershopping!

Nak pi try baju pon skit punya lama tunggu! Nak pi bayar pon sama. Aduh...letih berdiri! Selesai urusan bershopping, kitorang pegi merehatkan diri di Secret Recipe. Pi makan kek sambil ilangkan lenguh kaki.

Lepas tu ke The Gardens. This is my first time to The Gardens! Tak ke mana pon...Masuk Butik Coach jer...Hehehe...Saje lar dok belek2 bag kat dlm tu. Mau beli ke? Tidak lar...saje jer g cuci mata. Rasa mcm sayang jer duit dok beli handbag yg beribu ringgit. Baik lar aku pi berjalan ngan duit tuh ;-).

Itu saje aktiviti aku dihujung minggu!

21 January 2010

Jom Baca

Ziqri mmg suka buku. Pantang nmpk...Dia lg suka books dari toys! Tapi bila bagi buku baby dia main lar kejap pastu tak layan! sape nih?

Bukak lar tengok...

Isshhh...ayah ni kacau lar!

Ziqri nak tgk car kat dlm nih...

At last...masuk mulut!

20 January 2010

When Can My Baby Start Drinking Water?

The answer to this question is "yes". The answer is also "no"! The full answer is that, like all human beings, babies do need to take in water in order to survive.

But they don't actually need to drink water—in fact, pediatricians advise against giving your baby plain or distilled water until he or she is six months old. Babies get their water needs met by drinking breastmilk or formula, both of which are mostly water.

The reason your doctor will tell you not to feed your baby plain water is that it's easy to fill up an infant's stomach; a few little ounces will do the job. Babies should be filling up on nourishment—getting the nutrients they need from each feeding. Once your baby has been teething, he or she will need fluoride to support the
new teeth, so giving drinking water is a good way to meet that need. But until then, let your baby get water in his or her usual feedings of mother's milk or formula.

If your baby is running a temperature, your pediatrician may advise you to give him or her more liquids. Usually, your doctor will suggest a liquid like Pedialyte, which contains nutrients to restore the balance of your child's electrolytes. Again, don't give your infant water instead of other liquids unless the doctor advises it.

Source: Parenttime


Teringat time aku bersalin kat hospital. This young Indian lady dgn selamba jer bagi anak dia yg baru umur tak sampai 1 week minum air masak. Byk pulak tuh! As a result...mlm anak dia nangis non-stop. Kembung perut agaknya! Sabar jer lar...

19 January 2010


Wake up every morning, I feel very lazy to go to work. There’s no more fun working here. Been working here for 6 years! I think maybe it’s time for me to look for new job. *Sigh*

15 January 2010

Ziqri Flu

Ziqri flu. Sian dia...Tgk lar tu. Tido siap mendongak sbb uncomfortable. Hidung tersumbat agaknya.

13 January 2010

Ziqri & his teeth

*nmpk tak gigi saya?*

At 7 months, Ziqri dah ada 2 gigi ;-). Tapi belum tumbuh sepenuhnya. Sejak ada gigi ni suka ketap bibir. Feel uncomfortable agaknya.

Ok, here are some info's about teething:

The vast majority of babies sprout their first teeth when they're between 4 and 7 months of age (Ziqri had his first tooth at 7 months). An early developer may get his first white cap as early as 3 months, while a late bloomer may have to wait until he's a year old or more. (In rare cases, a baby's first tooth is already visible at birth.) Whenever the first tooth makes its appearance, celebrate the milestone by taking pictures (pls see my photo above. I'm showing off my teeth. Thanks to ibu for taking my picture ;-)) and noting the date in your child's baby book.

Teeth actually start developing while your baby's in the womb, when tooth buds form in the gums. Teeth break through one at a time over a period of months, and often — but not always — in this order: First the bottom two middle teeth, then the top two middle ones, then the ones along the sides and back. They may not all come in straight, but don't worry — they usually straighten out over time.

The last teeth to appear (the second molars, found in the very back of the mouth on the top and bottom) have usually begun coming into place by your baby's second birthday. By age 3, your child should have a full set of 20 baby teeth, which shouldn't fall out until his permanent teeth are ready to start coming in, around age 6.


Is it bad for my baby's teeth if I let her fall asleep with a bottle in her mouth?

Expert Answers: Fred Ferguson, pediatric dentistry

Yes. When your baby falls asleep while sucking on a bottle, the liquid will pool around her teeth as she sleeps, which can cause cavities.

This happens because the bacteria in her mouth change the sugars in milk, juice, formula, and breast milk into acids that can dissolve her tooth enamel. (This is most often a problem for the front four upper teeth because your baby holds the nipple against them with her tongue.)

If you've already gotten your baby into this habit and she won't go to sleep without a bottle, give it to her as you rock her to sleep and then put her down in her crib without it. If she's older than 6 months, you can dilute the bottle contents with water, so that it's less concentrated with the sugar that causes decay. If she balks, start by replacing only one ounce with water, then increase the amount of water by one ounce a day until you're giving her only water.

Your baby can also end up with tooth decay if you're breastfeeding her "at will" (especially if she sleeps with you and can nurse at will through the night). If she's feeding that often, her teeth will be constantly exposed to the sugar in the breast milk. I would suggest wiping or brushing the teeth and gums often during the day and before night if you continue to breastfeed this way.

Source: Babycenter

12 January 2010

Me & baby sling

Actually dah lama beli baby sling nih. Beli kat Littlewhiz. Tapi tak reti nak guna. Nak tgk kat youtube cara pakai ntah bila kala lar nak bukak youtube tuh! Masa pegi Subang Parade aritu ternampak this lady tido kan anak dia dlm baby sling. Mcm nyenyak jer anak dia tido. So, aku pon tiru lar, hehehe...And, true enuf, Ziqri pon suka tido dlm tuh. Rasa mcm tido dlm buai agaknya. So far, I only know 2 ways of using the baby sling. Have to learn more. Kalo tak membazir jer beli. And this baby sling can be used as a blanket also. 2 in 1!

11 January 2010

Looking for a house

foto from iproperty

Ni cerita ari Ahad. Kitorg pegi tgk umah yg kat atas tu. Agent tu bgtau suh dtg kol 8am! Aku suh tukar to 9am then dia ckp 8.30am sbb owner ada hal. Aku pon agree jer lar. Kol 8.15am aku dah sampai depan umah tu! Aku ni kalo bab2 time ni mmg punctual. Sekali agent tu kol 9am baru sampai. Sakit betol ati! Udah ler aku mintak kol 9am tak mau konon2nya nak 8.30am! Skali dia lak yg lambat! Patutnya dia yg kena tunggu tak, dah terbalik pulak!

Lepas dah parking, agent bawak lar pegi naik atas. Wah...tmpt ni mmg security dia tip top! Nak masuk lif kena bukak pintu dulu, ok! Meaning, cuma penghuni tmpt ni sahaja yg akan diberikan kunci utk naik ke atas. Bila dah naik atas mmg privacy betol umahnya. Sunyi sepi! I likeeee....

Yg bestnya psl umah tu...dah ada 3 aircond, every room dah ada built in wardrobe. Kat master bedroom toilet ada bath tub (syoknya), dah ada kitchen cabinet (tp aku tak berapa berkenan). Kiranya kalo masuk umah tu mmg cuci kaki lar. Bab2 reno can do later!

Umahnya tingkat 11. Gayat seh...bila tgk bawah! Lepas tu agent bawak pegi swimming pool & playground. Tmptnya luas! Mmg aku berkenan lar dgn umah ni. Nak beli ke tak ek?

09 January 2010

Ayam Penyet

Arini kami tak ke mana-mana. Ptg balik umah jap amek baju utk stok pegi keje this week ;-). Balik tu singgah jap kat Ayam Penyet (AP), SJ.

This is my 2nd time eating AP. First time was during my trip to Bali. Mmg sedap. Sambal dia mmg pedas yg amat! Sape yg tak tahan pedas jgn makan, yea.

Ayam penyet = RM7.00 sepinggan. Nasi kira lain. Nasi sepinggan RM1.20.

Ni air guava + pineapple & peach. Marveles! Mmg sedap bangat! Segelas RM4.50. Hubby minum passion fruit = RM3.50. Sedap gak.

Tetiba plak teringin makan AP, hehehe...

07 January 2010

Balik umah

Believe it or not...dah sebulan we all tak balik umah! Umah tu dah jadik mcm stor letak brg jer...Agaknya selagi takde umah sendiri...mcm ni lar kitorang - tido makan kat umah mak mentua! Rasanya it's time for us to buy our DREAM HOUSE, hehheehe...

05 January 2010

Aksi dia...

Aksi feveret Ziqri Raziq skrg. Suka buat mcm tuh.

03 January 2010

Sudah pandai... 7 months, Ziqri dah pandai pegang botol susu! Now berat udah 7.2kg! Bravo...Bravo...Semakin berat...makin sakit tangan aku dukung dia.

p/s: Forurlovelybaby is having a new year sale. 10% discount. Pi lar tgk...kot ada yg berkenan...;-).

02 January 2010

Car service

Hohoho...akhirnya! Setelah sekian lama...Aku pegi servis keta. Last service keta ni bulan 4! Giler lama tak servis keta. Sib baek lar keta ni tak buat hal! Kalo tak lagi haru...Lagi byk duit nak kena kuar. Cina tu tny keta baru ke? Sbb tgk mileage keta aku baru 60000 KM. Alahai...keta ni udah 5 thn lar! Tapi bawak dekat2 jer...tu yg sikit mileage tuh, hehehe...

01 January 2010

It's New Year! 2010

Kami mulakan 1st day of 2010 dgn membawa Ziqri ke clinic. Bawak dia pegi cucuk 3 serangkai. Igtkan time2 cuti ni takde org...Rupanya ramai org kat clinic.

Balik from the clinic...We all singgah jap kat Skypark Terminal (formerly known as Terminal 3). Ada sale ;-).

Mcm2 brg branded ada jual kat situ. Kami tak beli apa pon...cuma ayahnya saja yg beli tshirt Superman & Batman kat Ziqri.

Lepas pusing2 tmpt tu kitorang pon balik lar. Kang tunggu lama2 lg byk duit abes, hehehe...

p/s: Apa azam tahun baru korang? Aku? Nanti2 lar cite yea...


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