23 February 2010

Mix n3

Ziqri skrg minum Promil Gold. Dia start minum Promil Gold since he was 6 months old. Before CNY, masa beli susu dia kat kedai ubat, aku notice harga dia dah naik. Ingatkan because of CNY, price dia increase. Sekali masa beli lagi susu dia after CNY dekat kedai ubat lain (because the previous kedai ubat tutup), harga pon increase jugak. Bila tgk kat kotak Promil Gold yg 700gm tu, dia tampal new recommended retail price - RM50.60. So, on Wed last week aku send email to Wyeth Mama Club asking about the increase of the price. On Fri, I got a call from them! To confirm that yes, the price has increased. Tak sia-sia aku join club dia. Mmg cepat betol respon. That lady said will call me back when Ziqri is 1 yr old ;-). Mcm2 lar that lady tny...siap suruh anta scoop susu for redemption sbb they are going to change the catalogue in April.


1 of my cust, Lily bought the baby phat girl gift set from me. Yesterday, she sent me sms:

"Da dpt baby phat set tu..tq..i bg gift kt kwn i, she loves it. tq"

I read the sms with smiling face, hehehe.



mahalnye fm kan..teringat time Nadia buat backup beli fm for Adam..huhu 400gm for rm50..the enfagrow..kalaulah Adam suka susu tu..mesti nadia dh stop bfeed..mengalirla duit mommy dia every month...

kedai ubat,susu murah kan..:)

zahira said...

nadia - mmg untung adam bf. kalo lar ziqri pon fully bf...jimat duit. Just imagine...dah beribu duit abes beli susu. tp utk dia...berabes pon tak kesah ;-).

susu kat kedai ubat much much cheaper!

faerni said...

wyeth punya cust. serv. mmg superb. Diorang akan call once a while to check on the baby. Infact, Tihani dah 5 yrs old, diorang masih lagi call tny khabar. Jgn lupa join the contest from wyeth. Untung2 menang 100k worth of shopping voucher.


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